GY6 OFFROAD believes in Karma, “you get what you give.” As a first responder family, we understand the sacrifices not only the first responder makes, but also the loved ones who support them on a daily basis.

So much has happen these last couple of years and many have forgotten those who we call upon in a time of need.  Our first responders have been put on the back burner and we think it’s time for a change.  

We are giving back! Semiannual donations will be made to a first responder charity, selected by you, our GY6 OFFROAD Crew. The charity will change every year, selected charity will back a different first responder category - Law Enforcement, Nurses, Military, Corrections, Fire Fighters, etc. The Apparel GY6 OFFROAD offers will change reflecting the first responder category we are donating too.

First responders have everyones back when needed, it's time we have theirs. We Got Your Six!

As soon as voting polls are open, you will be prompted, Following each purchase, to assist us with voting for the next First Responder to receive donations. So make make sure to sign up and join the GY6 crew to be notified when the polls open, plus all the promo codes and sales!